Equipped for the Future: EFF Supplemtary Material

Equipped for the Future http://eff.cls.utk.edu/

Equipped for the Future is a standards-based educational improvement initiative for adult basic education and English language learning. The organization conducted much of the research for and assisted in writing the NWRC Exam. The website contains content standards and supporting products to guide adult learning, instruction, and assessment.

Equipped for the Future (EFF) Skills and Benchmarks in Context

The PDF documents in the files listed below were prepared by instructors at The Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning, St. Paul Adult Literacy. Based on EFF objectives, they provide descriptions of tasks that learners should be able to accomplish before taking the NWRC Exam. Descriptions are presented in context of the workplace and cover all of the skills tested in the NWRC Exam. The descriptions provide real work-life context for classroom activities that can help students prepare for the exam.

Oral Language Test

  • EFF Interpersonal Skill: Listening Actively
  • EFF Interpersonal Skill: Speak So Others Can Understand

Situational Judgment Test

  • EFF Decision Making Skill: Solve Problems & Make Decisions
  • EFF Interpersonal Skill: Resolve Conflict & Negotiate
  • EFF Interpersonal Skill: Cooperate with Others
  • EFF Communications Skill: Observe Critically
  • EFF Lifelong Learning Skill: Take Responsibility for Learning

Reading Test

  • EFF Communication Skill: Read with Understanding

Math Test

  • EFF Decision Making Skill: Using Math to Solve Problems