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Notes from CI Discussion: Roles/Responsibilities

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Notes from CI Discussion: Roles/Responsibilities
by Hillary Frazey - Thursday, 7 August 2008, 1:39 PM

Here are the notes from our CI Discussion about our roles/responsibilities and how we handle them. Feel free to comment with anything you'd like to add to the list or any other ideas you have!

1. What are your responsibilities/roles in your room?

· Intake

· Assessment

· Teaching

· Training new teachers/volunteers

· Counseling, advocacy

· Curriculum for all levels

· Collecting data

· Record keeping

· Special education/IEPs

· Lesson plans

· Safety and security

· Marketing

· Grant writing

· Networking and recruiting

· Parenting

· Discipline

· Coordinating with other agencies, K-12, colleges

· Distance learning

· Transportation

· Developing new classes

· Administering software program

· Family literacy coordination

· Job search and resumes

· Adult diploma

· Letters to judges, social workers, MFIP documentation, landlords, scholarships, job recommendations

· Budgeting

· Answering the phone, answering emails

· Financial aid assistance

2. How do you best manage those responsibilities/roles?

· Delegate!

· Multi task

· Listing what is important (triage) and prioritizing

· Flexibility

· Maintain positive attitude and sense of humor

· Do intake at the end of class (use as informal assessment too)

· Slide show – make sure you don’t skip anything

· Rule sheet to tell them what is expected

· Group GED practice tests by student so you can tell what they need to take next

· Set aside one day/time for intake and ask new students to come back

· Rely on technology (spreadsheets, databases)

· Make changes in delivery to simplify things

· Use students to help students

· Let a group start together (on Monday, for example) to simplify intake and build community

· Translate intake form into the students’ languages