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Collaborative Intelligence information from Summer Institute

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Collaborative Intelligence information from Summer Institute
by Pam Becker - Saturday, 9 August 2008, 6:29 PM
I will do my best to write up all of the discussion items that we wrote down...if someone recalls information that I've missed, please feel free to add it! Thanks! Pam

*Best practices-
TABE vocabulary practice
Scholastic novels....using them with adult learners
Writing programs..paragraph, essay-expository, argument, cause/effect
Advanced grammar-using grammar dimensions 3&4
Primary goal: to help ELL students improve reading, writing, listening, speaking skills in English by filling in the gaps of missing, beginning information; groupskills and participation; developing critical thinking; transform from passive to active, independent learners
Cooperative learning- newspaper, group by numbering off, compare answers, assigning a task to everyone, student-centered, teacher talks less, so students talk more, self-correction and group correction.
Dialogue journals
Student newsletter, encourage students to get published in Journeys.
Goal-setting (revisited)
Teach information about government and legal system
Encourage student debates
Students' personal activities, etc. are shared on board and words are used for vocab/grammar
Students write letter to editor to express opinions, etc.
Minneapolis online activities to practice CASAs competencies
Grammar in Context-many students have a "mental model" of what grammar should be.
Sentence structure

Multi-level classes, using volunteers, pairing volunteers with students, behavioral issues.
Students vary in their value of education, different goals-English isn't important because work is, no colleges nearby, meat-packing raids by INS drive immigrants underground-both legal and illegal.
Money for copies
Tough to teach "building block" skills with open/rolling enrollment and a variable attendance
*Resource needs-
more testing material for LD learners/how to assess, what to look for; books/reading materials; field trips; transportation $ for buses; professional development for online discussion
*Available resources-
Newspaper, Dave's ESL Cafe, News for you, Breaking News, Minn. Advocate website-immigration curriculum Energy of a nation, Journeys from MLC, Community Ed. class list.
Grammar Write Away, Sentence Mastery, Real-Life English, Down Town, All Star

students need to be able to trust the system and know that they won't be penalized for their immigration status. Give teachers/institutions the authority to institute a "don't ask/don't tell". Partner with local businesses to promote workforce education. Teach cultural sensitivity /competency skills to legal profession, etc. Use computers more in place of copies, online/interactive exercises, etc. Use volunteers to lead small groups. Keep copies from previous lessons.
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Re: Collaborative Intelligence information from Summer Institute
by Jane Gleason - Saturday, 9 August 2008, 8:08 PM
Thanks again Pam. I hope everyone has a good vacation before school starts! Enjoy your classes. Jane approve
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Re: Collaborative Intelligence information from Summer Institute
by Carlynn Miller-Gore - Wednesday, 27 August 2008, 2:13 PM


Thanks for posting the summary of our session!

As far as teaching goals go, I'm hoping that my new PLC (prof. learning community) group (language arts) at Hubb's will help see some goals to fruition. We're going to have our first monthly meeting on the 16th to set personal and group goals for the year. Fortunately, we are paid two hours/month to do this.

How are thing going for you?