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Re: Feedback on Collective Intelligence Groups
by Claudia Kinville - Tuesday, 2 September 2008, 11:21 AM

1) The Workforce Education group was excited to have an opportunity to discuss Workforce Education.  We really had 3 groups as it turned out: job-seeking skills,incumbent workers with classes on-site, and career-specific education.

2) Next time, I would form sub-groups according to the 3 topics and have a facilitator ready for each group.

3) We didn't see much interest in the online discussion boards--sort of a "yeah, yeah, yeah" grumbling when we went through the handouts.

4) Ideas for continuing throughout the year included the following: More networking with ABE, Transitions, and Workforce Education; State ABE support for Workforce Education; a more WILMA-like approach to communication about Workforce Education.

5) Workforce Education as a collective intelligence group at a regional event might work in the metro area.  In general, people seemed to like the opportunity to network, but there were comments that "learning" didn't happen.