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Re: test registering
by Kirsten Fuglseth - Monday, 20 April 2009, 1:37 PM

Diane (and others),

I emailed Jim Colwell about this and he replied on April 2, 2009 saying that he would also post his response on this discussion board, but he must have forgotten.  So...I am copying and pasting his answer below:

Hi, Kirsten


I’ll reply here and also go on the Discussion Board today or tomorrow.  These things are left to the individual Testing Centers to decide.  I’m not certain where the “extra” time comes in.  Are you saying that they are required to come in for a registration procedure a day or two in advance of showing up for the actual test?  Some centers coordinate the registration with their ABE folks.  Of course not all test takers go through ABE before testing.  Some centers register folks on the day of testing.  Some provide a registration packet that individuals can fill out at home.


Filling out the demographic form and the top portion of the answer documents must be done correctly and carefully or it creates mistakes and extra work/time so centers try to be very deliberate about it.  There is also the necessity of establishing a file for each individual with all of the necessary forms completed, money collected and recordkeeping accomplished.


Let me know if you’d like more specifics about any of this.  The bottom line is that it’s up to each center to decide how to best accomplish the things I’ve mentioned and a few I haven’t.


GED Testing Service has established a number of policies and procedures.  I’ve translated many of those into guidelines and hold centers accountable for them.  They are left to implement them as they see fit.  Hopefully they are not implementing in ways that create obstacles.  I’ve found most to be flexible when possible to meet individual needs.  Some of the policies deal with privacy concerns, behavioral expectations of test takers and consequences of failing to meet them, getting signed permissions to share scores, etc.  I’ve strongly encouraged test centers to create Codes of Conduct that test takers must read and sign-off on prior to testing.


Having these procedures in place does create some additional bureaucracy and takes some time.  It also reduces problems and unhappy campers!      




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