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Ideas for Program Promotion / Retention

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Ideas for Program Promotion / Retention
by Kirsten Fuglseth - Wednesday, 1 April 2009, 11:32 AM

Participation  and retention in ABE programs tend to be an ongoing area of concern.  Some of the following strategies have been used by NW area programs to promote their programs and encourage learner retention:

Fergus Falls

  • Rents a large, portable sign which is placed so that passers-by will know that the classroom is open and available in the summer when participation tends to wane.
    • Question: Was this expensive and where did you place the sign?  Was it right outside of the classroom, or somewhere esle in town?
  • Charges a $10 resource fee for each learner who enters the program (with the exception of students who attend while in jail, or those who attend at the college classroom site).  They have found that charging, even a minimal fee, makes people more accountable and more likely to attend class, because they have paid the fee.
    • Question: How do you handle the record keeping and collection of money, particularly if you have multiple classroom sites?  Do you supply each site with a lockbox? Reciept book? 

Detroit Lakes

  • Obtained a grant through the United Way to pay for GED testing for all GED prep students.

If you have additional strategies to address participation and retention, or can answer any of the associated questions, please reply/post!