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Drawing Winner Announced!

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Drawing Winner Announced!
by Kirsten Fuglseth - Tuesday, 19 May 2009, 11:48 AM

Thank you for posting and placing comments on the ABE Discussion Boards.  Please continue to use them as they are a wonderful venue to use to share resources and information.

Between 3/27/2009 and 5/8/2009, 24 posts or comments where made to these boards (excluding posts from myself and Susan Wettenkamp-Brandt). These included posts from Ellen Anton, Sarah Novacek, Diane Lapka, Traci Pederson, Bonnie Herman, Rose Anderson, and Sherry Hjelle. Each of those names was entered into a drawing (for each post or entry they made) for the curriculum package, valued at over $265.  And the winner is.....DRUMROLL....Sherry Hjelle!  Congratulations, Sherry!