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Training Managers and Supervisors about Cultures

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Training Managers and Supervisors about Cultures
by Claudia Kinville - Monday, 8 January 2007, 12:37 PM

This question came to me recently:  "Do you know of any information out there about training managers/supervisors of a company about cultures? A local company has asked us to hold a training along with a scheduled HR training and I am in the process of looking for some information."  I responded with the following resources and would welcome any other suggestions:

1) The International Institute of Minnesota has published Finding Common Understanding: An Employer's Guide to a Cross-Cultural Workplace, 3rd Edition.

2) Contact People's Institute North in Duluth:  218-722-3186 or 218-724-2330 

3) Author Sondra Thiederman was also recommended.

4)  Author:  Allan G. Johnson, Ph.D. sociology prof, speaker & consultant on matters of inequality  & privilege. 

Books:  Privilege, Power & Difference, 2nd Ed., 2006    McGraw Hill Higher Education Pub. The Gender Knot:  Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy, rev. ed. 2005. 
5) Volunteer Issues, a committee under Literacy Minnesota, has just completed a project on Cultural Competence with several tools, a resource list, and tips covering cultural issues.  Here is one of the websites where you can see the information and tools from the project.