Recognizing GED Graduates

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Re: Recognizing GED Graduates
by Jane Kono - Friday, 2 May 2008, 8:02 AM
AOIE (Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka) hosts an annual GED Graduation (fancy invitations, gowns, flowers, decorated cake, student and dignitary speakers, recognize teachers/GED examiners, district supts. present certificates to graduates.)The whole evening is a wonderful celebration (tons of work) about 20% of our grad. attend as ABE has such mobile population. It is still a wonderful celebration for family, friends, and staff. Plus our school & city officials attend and learn more about ABE. We ask $10 per grad. to help cover cost AND to encourage their attendance that evening! We have official photographer so each grad receives a picture. Press release in advance and afterwards plus we have our own newsletter; the June edition will be filled with grad. pictures.
AOIE also has program at Henn. County Adult Corrections; when an ACF GED students passes the final exam, they receive certificate, official pictures in cap and gown (picture to post in classroom and one to send home). ACF grads are also invited to June Graduation ceremony. Teachers and staff do make it a special occasion for all grads.