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Where are the low-level learners?

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Re: Where are the low-level learners?
by Paula Freiermuth - Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 4:27 PM

This year I've started recording student progress on in class assessments in all of my classes (writing TABE 1.6 thru 5.9 and GED/College Prep). The students really like it. We usually have a spelling quiz at the lower levels each week. Then there are review activities for the skills we're learning. Every time we do a writing assignment (envelopes, letters, paragraphs, essays), I give it a wholistic score based on my rubrics (I have many of them now). Often, the students help create the new rubrics. Each quarter, I review with the students the skills list for their level and let them know what they have mastered and what they have not. It's sort of like giving them a report card. They keep it in their portoflio along with samples and review it periodically. It works great. As teachers we use our in class assessment records along with TABE scores to move students up to their next class. When we explain that it's a compliation of test score and math, reading, and writing class performance, there's more understanding and acceptance of decisions. Students know what their strengths and weaknesses are. It works for all levels and all ethnicities because we can individualize it with the student in our conferences. It does take some extra time, but not that much.