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by Astrid Liden - Thursday, 9 August 2007, 2:08 PM
What process does your program use to develop curriculum for ESL classes?
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Re: Curriculum
by Natasha Fleischman - Tuesday, 4 March 2008, 11:04 AM
I assigned a leader for each level who has regularly taught that level. I developed a chart to use as guidance which included weekly language and content objectives. The teachers looked at the CASAS competencies that corresponded to their class level for guidance. They went home with the CASAS competencies and the materials we had for each level. We met periodically so that the teachers of the preceeding and succeeding levels would know what their students were expected to know already and to know before finishing the level. This all happened over the summer.

We teach 44 weeks a year and decided to split the year in two and have the curriculum written to last 22 weeks. However, we're now discovering that our students are moving up to the next level in much less than 22 weeks, and the next level's teachers find the students to be missing some of the foundations that they are assumed to have. We are now reducing the curriculum to 14 weeks and will use it 3 times throughout the course of the year. We're hoping that tightening it in this way will fill in the foundations.

I'll keep you posted!