Here are additional websites you can use to prepare for the Accuplacer test.

Accuplacer Practice Tests - 20 Accuplacer practice items
Accuplacer Test Prep - Sample test items for Accuplacer test practice
Citation Machine - Web tool for citing material using MLA, APA, and other styles
College Board Sample Questions - ESL samples included (this opens as a pdf)
Dalton State Reading Practice - Great lessons for main idea and vocabulary in context
English Grammar Practice English Page - A good overview of verb tenses, modals, and prepositions
Guide to Grammar and Writing - Practice these quizzes in grammar and sentence structure for help on Acccuplacer test
Kennebeck Community College - Test prep for reading comprehension and sentence skills
Manatee Community College - Practice Accuplacer Tests in sentence skills and reading comprehension
Purdue Writing Lab - Sentence skills practice
Randall's Listening Lab - Listening practice for Accuplacer test
Towson University Online Writing Support - Sentence skills and grammar practice
5 Paragraph Essay - Introduction to writing using the 5 paragaph essay format

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