How does this Reading Comprehension practice section work?

There are two Lessons and one Quiz in this section.

Each Lesson provides 15 practice items.  The first Lesson covers items of Reading Passages.  The second Lesson covers items on Sentence Relationships.  In a Lesson, you choose your answer to each question, and the computer will tell you if you are right or wrong.  If you do not choose the correct answer, you will need to try again until you get the answer correct.

In the Quiz, you get one question at a time on the screen.  The Quiz has 20 items that include both Reading Passages and Sentence Relationships.  You choose your answer, then click Next to go to the next question.  When you have completed all questions, click Submit all and finish to get your score on the Quiz, with feedback on each question.

It is best to take the quizzes with the same restrictions required on the Accuplacer test – no personal notes or open books, no personal calculators.

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