In order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this course, follow these steps:

1) Complete all course modules.

2) Complete and submit a lesson plan that integrates digital literacy into the classroom. The course assignment documents your understanding of the information included in the course.

3) Send an email to Cathy Grady at to request your CEUs. Please note that our instructors have many responsibilities; instructing online is just one small piece of their jobs. In many cases they set aside a single day each week to read and respond to online coursework. If you need a response sooner than that (for example, your application for relicensure is due very soon), please include this information in your message to Cathy.

4) After the instructor reviews your coursework and assignment and finds it satisfactory, she will email you a CEU certificate as a PDF document. The instructor may also provide feedback on your assignment, and may in some cases require revisions if he/she deems that the assignment objectives were not met.

5) If you have not received your CEU certificate within 10 days of submitting your course assignment, you may contact the course instructor or the site administrator ( for assistance.

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